Friday, May 16, 2014

Anonymous said: How younger is Emma then tom?


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

masqueradewolf said: I know I've seen it around somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it. Do you happen to know or know where to find information about the type of training Tom did to prepare for his role as Loki?

Regarding Thor training, from GetFrank:

Chris Hemsworth bulked up to be Thor. He said he packed on 20 pounds of muscle. Did you work out much to play Loki?
As you can see my arms do not compare in size to Chris’, but yes I did a lot of training (laughs). I needed to be very lean, but very strong at the same time. I developed a fighting style similar to a specific Brazilian style of martial arts. If Thor was a big rock, Loki was like the wind. He’d dance around this big block of granite. I developed this fighting style that was like lethal dancing. 

What training went into that?
I did a lot of skipping. Ken told me he didn’t want me to build a lot of muscle. I could have done, but he wanted me to be lean and flexible. Thor would swing the hammer and I had to be able to bend around it. 

Regarding Avengers training, from ComicBookMovie:

"The stunt training was my way of evolving Loki from who he was in ‘Thor’ and creating a new sense of danger in that he is physically stronger and more dangerous. I did all kinds of martial arts training: Wushu, boxing, lots of stick and staff work, knife work and hand-to-hand combat. There were also a lot of daily repetition drills that condition your body and muscle memory. That’s how you learn to jump off a building, fly through the air, barely miss Chris Hemsworth’s head and get slammed to the ground on your back, pick yourself up and repeat the same motion 12 times over the course of a day in a costume of leather and metal that weighs forty pounds."


I hope that’s what you were looking for? ^.^”


Friday, May 2, 2014
I don’t know how many months YOUR year has, but mine has 12.

15 - 12 = 3

November is 3 months before February.

I don’t know how many months YOUR year has, but mine has 12.

15 - 12 = 3

November is 3 months before February.

Anonymous said: hey, you mentioned something about his 15 month older sisters birthday being in November, but i was led to believe by many sources that his birthday was on the 9th of February, by the way i love your blog!

I…yes? 15 months before February would, in fact, be November.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tom’s Phone?

Submitted by cathmanuel:

About the anon ask tackling the mobile phone, he probably has two phones.

See, according to the pictures linked by the mod of hiddlefacts, the first one shows him with two Apple devices. We clearly see the iPhone 4 or 4S. It’s also the one we saw in his pocket in certain pictures where his trousers are a stitch too tight, like in this photo.

The second picture shows him with an Apple device that has a lightning port, and it can’t be an iPod touch 5th gen because the iPod Touch 5th gen model’s bottom is different from the iPhone 5 model (The iPod touch is the uppermost device; the middle one is an iPhone 5 and the bottom one is an iPhone 5C)

Also, Tom’s iPod is an iPod Shuffle 7th gen. You could see it in that video where he packs for his UNICEF Guinea trip.

The mod will have to take your word for all this, about which models looks which way. (The mod is perfectly happy sticking with her 30-port plug models, tyvm. ^.^”)

The mod would like to add to this, however, that just because Tom had a 7th generation iPod Shuffle in January of 2013, does NOT mean he still has it. While the shuffle series tends to be the most durable of Apple’s products, it’s also quite easy to lose, especially when you spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase.

It definitely looks like he’s using one of those larger devices as a music player in Toronto, from the headphones wrapped around it. Naturally, the mod assumes that means it’s an iPod, but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that he’s got an extra iPhone he uses as an iPod.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Anonymous said: Do you know which mobile phone does he have?

It looks rather like he has an iPhone of some generation or another, though he’s mentioned many-a-time owning an iPod. He’s holding what appears to be two Apple devices in this picture from the Crimson Peak set: Looks like one of them is an earlier generation – that’s a 30-pin port on the one in the back – and this picture shows him with just one of them, this one with the lightning port, so it’s either the most recent iPod touch, or an iPhone 5 of some variation. (I don’t know enough about the visual differences between the two to say with any certainty which one it is.)

In this picture from when he was wandering Toronto on the 10th, it looks, to me, like it’s his iPhone that’s an older generation (the 5-series have the headphone jack on the bottom), since most people, if they’re wandering around checking an iDevice, will use their mobile before their music player.

It’s definitely an iPhone, but I can’t tell you the generation with any certainty.

(Pictures taken from torrilla. This post, this post, and this post.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anonymous said: Who is his favorite Shakespearean heroine?

So far as I’ve seen, he hasn’t said.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

t-hiddy-diddy-deactivated201406 said: Hello, there was a post about his favorite music video, and I was wondering what photoshoot that photo was. Also, thank you so much for your hard work.. And, god I hate myself and my lack of education, but since Sarah is fifteen months older, what month would that be? ((I'm so sorry, but my mathematical skills are poorer than my English.))

The image is from the ES photoshoot done by Tomo Brejc. You can find the photos from the shoot on the photographer’s site, or Torrilla’s post.

Ahahah… Well, thinking of it less like ‘she’s 15 months older’ and more like ‘she’s a year and three months older’, does make it a bit easier.
She would have been born in November.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anonymous said: Does he smoke?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

melodystarz said: Hello! I really enjoy your page; it is really well put together and a lot of fun. Nice work! My question is do you know what Tom Hiddleston's favorite candy or sweet is? Thank you!

I don’t have a recollection of him mentioning any one, specific sweet. I know he’s been caught eating chocolate multiple times (both given by fans, and that he apparently brought with), though.